JOB PORTALS / JOB SEARCH ENGINES   In today’s world, being on top of technology and being part of a network system can open new horizons with the click of a button and searching of the internet. The world has opened the door to social networking. Making it easy to connect to different people, groups and be in touch with new opportunities on a daily basis. A Job portal/ search engine is part of this group of social networking, and better yet, it gives you a direct link to the latest careers opportunities, news and advice the market has got to offer. Employers and employees are searching online job portals for new employees and jobs respectively. One of the best things about a job portal, is it allows FREE registration for candidates , which means they can submit their CV, explore job opportunities and get alerts to new jobs on a daily basis. Why is it important to make use of a Job Portal / Job search engine? Job portals have been developed to bring the employee and the employer together, whether it’s through recruitment agents or directly. Job portals have become the gateway between companies and candidates bringing the latest opportunities in the market to the table. By making use of a job portal you allow yourself as the candidate to explore new opportunities and to apply for new jobs. Get alerts with new opportunities and connect on social media through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. As a company or recruiter you get to see the freshest CV’s/Resumes in the market and get to connect with new potential candidates, as well as place ads to attract potential candidates in the market. Is a job portal / job search engine safe to use? My Job Search has been developed by a team of highly qualified individuals offering you 100% confidentiality and security. No one except accredited and registered companies/recruitment agencies who has registered with My Job Search and been approved will be allowed to see your information. You can remove your details and delete your account whenever you like and unsubscribe our services whenever you wish. No strings attached. Why is it important to register on a Job Portal/ Job Search Engine To register and on My job Search and to submit/upload your CV gives you the chance to apply for a new and exciting job opportunity. Should you not be successful your CV is placed on our database. Should you not be successful for the job you applied for, your CV will get exposure to more opportunities, companies and agencies in order to land you the perfect job. You will also receive alerts with the latest jobs in the market that fits your profile.
Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have more than just brilliant minds in common. They are all labelled as introverts and highly successful individuals. As an introvert, you might feel at a disadvantage when it comes to job interviews. The truth is that you possess an arsenal  of secret weapons that will help you conquer any job interview. Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics